The Top 3 Reasons Users Switch to EasyWorship

We recently posed a question to our users: “why did you switch to EasyWorship?” We wanted to know what the core reasons were that led our awesome users to start using our platform instead of one of our competitors, and the answers started pouring in. Here are the three most common reasons.

1. Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure has been intentionally created to be accessible to churches of all sizes, anywhere in the world. Another key mention from our users is that we offer a free demo to let you see exactly what you are spending your church’s money on. 

When we saw that the overwhelming majority (75% of responses) mentioned our pricing, it really confirmed that we have done a pretty darn good job with it.

Your church deserves the best worship experience possible, so we want EasyWorship to be an affordable, effective solution to making that happen. If you aren’t using our platform yet, and want to learn more about our highly competitive pricing options, check out

2. Ease of Use

The second most commonly quoted item on our survey was that EasyWorship is… well, easy.

Our experience has been created specifically to ease the burden on church tech teams. We know that you have ten thousand things going on at any given time, ranging from making sure all of the mics are actually live, to managing a livestream. That’s tough, even on an easy day.

So our goal has been to take the burden off of the tech team and make EasyWorship as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. There are also a few new powerful features coming out in our upcoming 7.3  release that will add to that list (wink wink), and we will get you a blog post outlining those in the coming weeks.

3. Livestreaming

We heard from tons of our customers that the livestreaming capabilities of EasyWorship was the most important tool they implemented during the peak of COVID. 

With the major technological and communal hurdles introduced in 2020, implementing livestreaming and remote services became essential to keeping congregations engaged and involved. EasyWorship boasts some of the most robust and simple to set up streaming tools available to churches today. If you want to read more about it, you can check out

Also, to add the proverbial icing to the cake, we are about to introduce Alternate Output in our upcoming 7.3 release. This is a game changer for any church wanting to livestream, because you will be able to retheme the content you want to send to your livestream, giving you even more control over your content.

Obviously, these are just the three most commonly listed reasons that our users prefer EasyWorship, but we would love to hear your take on it. If there’s a feature you would like to see on our platform, or a reason that’s keeping you from using EasyWorship, shoot us a message at

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!

Jared Warren Written by:

Jared is EasyWorship's resident enthusiast. With seven years of experience in digital marketing, copywriting, and practical jokes, Jared has brought an additional fun, professional personality to our team. When he's not reading or gaming, he enjoys a competitive game of soccer or a fancy slice of pizza.