SALT Conference 2023 in Review

Another year of conferences have come and gone, but I wanted to share our experiences from SALT conference in Nashville, and to see if it might be a good fit for your church to attend next year! 

SALT Overview

The SALT conference is held each year around Nashville, TN in the middle of November. There are tons of awesome vendors, good food provided to all attendees, snacks, interesting workshops to attend, powerful moments of worship and prayer, and incredible speakers in the main sessions. 

The Vendors

We had a ton of opportunities to connect with other organizations that share our vision of moving the church forward by equipping churches as effectively as possible to reach their congregations, wherever they may be. From integrators who will help build out your churches entire auditorium, to other like-minded software companies (like Resi) that simplify streaming, SALT had some incredible companies lining the conference, ready to share their experiences and products with the attendees. 

The Worship Workshops

As a key sponsor of SALT, EasyWorship got the chance to host one of the few workshop tracks held at the conference, and it was an awesome experience. Our workshop track was centered around worship, so naturally we had a great turnout to each one of our sessions. We had incredibly talented and powerful speakers sharing about how to find/build your church’s soundtrack, how to handle conflict within your worship team, and how media licenses function if you decide to publish your original tracks as a church. 

All of those tracks are available online here, if you are interested in looking back on some of the awesome speakers and moments that were shared. sd


This was the second year that we got the chance to host a fun game of Jeopardy in our track. As one of the goofiest use-cases of EasyWorship’s presentation software, we choose 8 people from the attendees, plop them on-stage, and ask them increasingly challenging questions from subjects like Church Technology, Disney Characters, and Real Life Skills. Both years have been an incredibly fun experience for both myself and Dan, who act as host and controller of the show, and for the attendees and audience, all of whom make the experience an absolute blast. 

If you are looking to breathe life and wisdom into your worship team, or equip your tech team with an understanding of how other churches create their production, come check out SALT Conference next year. We’d love to see you there!

Jared Warren Written by:

Jared is EasyWorship's resident enthusiast. With seven years of experience in digital marketing, copywriting, and practical jokes, Jared has brought an additional fun, professional personality to our team. When he's not reading or gaming, he enjoys a competitive game of soccer or a fancy slice of pizza.