How We Do It: Launceston Salvation Army, Tasmania, Australia

G’day! My name is Jason King and I am the Tech Team Leader at the Launceston Salvation Army in Tasmania, Australia.  Tasmania is the island state shaped like a triangle at the southernmost part of Australia.  We are a small congregation averaging about 70-80 people on a Sunday service, when not under COVID-19 restrictions.

I’ve been a part of the tech team for just over 10 years and have been the leader for the last 7 years.

We have been live streaming for a number of years now, but with COVID-19 we’ve tried to increase the quality and production values.  When COVID-19 hit the economy here in Australia, I was made redundant from my paid work as an accountant.  The upside was I was able to spend more time at church working on various things to help in stream quality.



We use two PCs each service using 4 projectors, 3 for the congregation at the front of our hall, and one at the back for the worship team.  We use EasyWorship on our main PC to project songs, video, presentation, etc. on the two side screens at the front and the rear projector, while the second computer displays a cross on the centre front projector.


We stream live to Omnia website using Wirecast.  We also upload the video file to Youtube.  To help improve the quality of our stream, particularly while we have only been able to live stream and not meet in person, we purchased a new camera  – Panasonic HC-PV100GC.  Previously we had been using basic home video cameras.  We’ve also been using an iPhone and iPad as cameras that connect wirelessly into Wirecast.  The other cameras are good quality webcams.  Sound is directed into the streaming PC directly from our soundboard via Aux send.

One of the advancements we’ve done over the last months to enhance our live streaming is using NDI from the EasyWorship PC to the streaming PC.  We do this using the vMix Desktop Capture program.  It captures what is on the output screen of EasyWorship and sends it as an input to a layer in Wirecast.  We then have it as a picture in picture for when there are songs but can go full screen for videos or presentations.


You can view our live stream on Omnia HERE

You can view our live stream on Youtube HERE

Jason King is the Tech Team Leader at the Launceston Salvation Army in Tasmania, Australia.

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