3 Ways to Remotely Control EasyWorship

Versatility is essential when it comes to controlling worship presentation software. In a worship setting, there’s always a chance you might need to control the computer without being at the keyboard which is why EasyWorship gives you three ways to do just that.

#1 – Presenter Remote

For what seems like eons…teachers, preachers and the like have used the presenter remote. It’s a simple, yet effective device that allows you to progress through a slideshow without being in front of the computer. The primary advantage is that it removes the need for a computer operator.  These devices normally work via a hotkey command system. The typical hotkeys for PowerPoint for next slide are PgDn, Right Arrow, Down Arrow or Space Bar. There are others for previous slide, black screen and so on. But what if you’re not using PowerPoint. How can this remote allow you to control your presentation software? Either the remote has to be reprogrammed or the software has to have matching hotkeys. For EasyWorship, you need to either change the commands the remote is sending or change EasyWorship. Read this article to learn how to program your remote or your EasyWorship, depending on your need.  Once your software and remote are talking the same language you’re ready to sing, preach, teach from the stage without having someone operate the slides, but there’s one problem. You can’t see where you’re going, skip or jump back easily. This is where the simple tried and true presenter remote starts to feel old and outdated which brings us to the Remote App.

#2 – Remote App

EasyWorship has an Android, iOS & Apple Watch App that allows you to control EasyWorship from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal. I’ve used the app several times while giving weekly announcements and being in the media team rotation. I was able to look at the app and get queues for what I was announcing and control the slides. This was a lifesaver. I also used it when the sound man was gone, and I had to run both the soundboard and the lyrics. It’s also great for rehearsal when you need to go to the stage to replace mic batteries or set something up, but still need to be able to flip through lyrics for the worship team to follow. For me, the app has been a game changer, allowing me to truly multitask in ministry.

There are also times that we need every detail to go off without a hitch. When everything needs to be timed exactly right from lights to lyrics. Now, with the Midi Interface in EasyWorship, you get as advanced as you want.

#3 – Advanced Midi Control

EasyWorship 7 subscription users received the new Midi feature late last year. This functionality allows EasyWorship to receive commands via Midi. Using a small piece of software called RTP Midi, your computer can receive Midi commands over your local area network (LAN). EasyWorship can then interpret the commands to completely control the presentation that goes to your screens. When using software like Ableton Live, you can not only send cues to your lighting system while playing a click track and the accompaniment, but you can tell EasyWorship to present specific slides at a specific time as the lights change color; or completely black the screen in a black out situation. EasyWorship 7 now has the ability to integrate into a fully automated presentation system that requires less manpower and always hits its marks.

As you can see there are several ways you can control EasyWorship without sitting in front of the computer. Whether you’re in a conference room at the local hotel or a large production, EasyWorship is flexible enough to fit right into to the simplest or most complex workflow.

Rodger King Written by:

Rodger has been helping EasyWorship customers since 2005. He enjoys airplanes, cars, anything mechanical, watching documentaries, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.