4 Videos that Inspire For Father’s Day

Here at EasyWorship, our staff is predominantly male and mostly fathers. This is especially helpful when it comes to selecting the Father’s Day media we want to highlight. Of course, we always run the risk of running into stereotypes like all dads love camping. However, this year I was happy to find videos that portray fathers from a variety of angles. Plus, our staff was happy to know that there are videos about fathers that are inspiring, uplifting and break out of the stereotypes. Here are four of my favorites:

1) Dad Letters by Motion Worship

This is a beautifully done video by Motion Worship. The premise is a few dads walk into a room and are told to write a letter to their kids for when they turn 18. Their kids are still more than a few years from that. It starts out with humor about dabbing and other things and moves into how much they love their children, want to support their children, and how they are excited for their future as a child of God.

2) You Don’t Have To Save the World by Journey Box Media

Don’t be fooled by the thumbnail. This video starts off like a thriller, but ends with a sweet surprise. This video by Journey Box Media shows how the small actions that a dad can take really matter in the long run for his children. Dad, you’re their superhero!

3) A Father’s Strength by Floodgate Productions

What’s more beautiful than showing the strength of a father through the concept of open arms? His strength is found in God and shown through how he loves on his children. This video also shows the diversity of what a father can look like, so a great video to show if you want to honor dads of multiple skin colors.

4) A Father Is: Mini-Movie by Twelve Thirty Media

Comparing our earthly fathers and their loving actions, such as saving their children from the monsters under their bed, to the protection our heavenly Father gives us is just one way this video provides a beautiful homage to the role of dad. Our dads point us to the Father, and they give us the love that only a dad can provide.

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