Where’s your field?

On one of our family vacations up north, I was blessed to witness a field full of yellow butterflies. The site was breathtaking. For those of us who spend most of our days in suburbialand, on occasion like this almost feels like a once in a lifetime event. I even recorded it on video just in case. However, as I was sitting on my back patio recently, to my surprise a new family of butterflies appeared on my lawn. These butterflies were definitely different than the ones I saw up north. They were gray instead of yellow and their size was about a third of the yellow ones. Also, I maybe counted five total on my lawn, but they were lovely.

This got me wondering if the gray butterflies ever compared themselves to the yellow butterflies. If they ever wished their wings were bigger or color more vibrant. If they desired to be more in number and to have a bigger field to play on. I don’t think so. From the looks of it, they seemed quite content to be in the smaller field with their own tribe.

Living in a world embedded with media of all sorts, the temptation to compare our field and our tribe is ever present. We know the scripture says that with every temptation the Lord always provides a way out, but how do we escape comparison? One word: gratitude. When we express our gratitude to God for the field He’s given us and show gratitude to the tribe around us, we are able to find the strength we need to break the call of comparison in our life.

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