Top Videos for Marriage Retreats

Programming the media for your upcoming marriage seminars, weekend getaways or sermons on love/marriage can be tricky. Thankfully, our media partners have created a variety of videos that can be used no matter the tone or theme of your message.

1) I Love My Wife by Skit Guys Studios

If you’re looking for a video on the importance of communication in marriage or relationships in general, then this is the video for you. Using humor to illustrate the power of just saying “I love you” to your spouse, this video will help anyone remember to actually say what they mean instead of assuming that someone knows how they feel. The foundation of every relationship.

2) Love is for Losers by Dan Stevers

Love isn’t about what you receive, but what you give or in this case – lose. Just like Christ lost his life for us, so we must live our lives in a love that loses. Based on the blog post, “Marriage is for Losers”, by Dr. Kelly Flanagan, this video animates out what that looks like in our everyday lives.

3) True Love Starter by Shift Worship

Open up your message, seminar or retreat with this starter video that focuses on what God created marriage for – “a picture of His love for the church”. It asks questions of husbands and wives of how they are to love and then ends with the reminder that we can’t do this without Christ.

4) Do You Love? by Journey Box Media

Branching out beyond just marriage, this video explores love in relationships between siblings, friends, and spouses. How do we love? How has that affected us? Set in a living room, this video will bring smiles to people’s faces.

Casey Stephan Written by:

Casey Stephan has been a church administrator and communicator for 15 years both in Tulsa, OK and South St. Paul, MN. Currently, she works as the Media Store Manager at EasyWorship ( where she enjoys connecting churches with the right worship media.