5 Questions for Your First Service

Whether you’re starting a church plant or youth group, the answers to these five questions will get your media up and running in no time.

1. What kind of computer should I get?

If portability is the key, go with a laptop. Otherwise, a desktop can save you money. You can view our recommended requirements to see what exactly you need in your computer.

2. Do I need a projector?

Many churches are switching to TVs or LED walls instead of using projectors. Projectors are usually mounted in the ceiling, making them hard to access when needed. Also, you have to deal with replacing the lamps, which is expensive because they decrease in brightness with each use. With TVs and LED walls, you will have less trouble with ambient lighting washing out the image. If possible, add a little budget to consult a professional installer.

3. What about the soundboard?

Soundboards can be bought used, if need be. Just make sure everything works. Double check how many channels you need (how big the band is) and how big your location is. If you’re starting out with a smaller band, a portable PA system may be all you need. If you’re going for a larger worship experience, check out your local music stores.

Never feel like you can’t use what works. Start with any existing equipment you have and see if it works, but don’t expect miracles out of low cost or no cost equipment. You can check out companies like Portable Church for ideas. They will help you find a solution for all your stage and equipment needs.

4. Do I need worship presentation software?

Well, we just might be biased, but we think EasyWorship 7 is the best bang for your buck when it comes to Worship Presentation Software. You get everything you need in one price with no up-charging for extra features. Plus, you get the ease of using a presentation software that can be easily taught to any volunteer. At the end of the day, we want you to find the software that fits your church best.

5. How important is media?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on media to get your worship lyrics and sermon slides looking great! We’ve compiled a few options below for you to look at that can easily cover all you need for each part of your service. Get one or all three or search around and find something that fits your budget. We have lot of options and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect media fit for you!

Learn from those who have done it

Did you know that we have a Facebook group called EasyWorship Users Group (Official) and we made it for people like you! We want our users to be able to share with each other what they’ve learned over the years working in ministry and media. If you have a question about what others have learned by doing, feel free to join and ask away! We love it when the Body of Christ unites to help each other out.

Casey Stephan Written by:

Casey Stephan has been a church administrator and communicator for 15 years both in Tulsa, OK and South St. Paul, MN. Currently, she works as the Media Store Manager at EasyWorship (easyworship.com) where she enjoys connecting churches with the right worship media.

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