Hi, my name is Paul

  • A bit about me:

    Family guy, card player, carpenter, Detroit Lions fan. My favorite things are traveling with the fam, sitting outside on a freshly trimmed yard, cheering for the next Lions Super Bowl run, and hanging out with friends doing whatever.
  • Favorite OT “Eye-Opener”:

    Fear has no place when believers exercise their faith. 2 Kings 6:8-23 — While in the middle of a life-threatening situation, Elisha’s confidence in God and God’s plan allows for his deliverance. That’s the kind of faith that moves mountains and that’s the kind of God we serve. Live expectant of His miracles.

I honestly believe that we are promised to live an abundant life. I feel that abundance every morning when I see my youngest daughter, untouched after a battle with Leukemia. I see it every day when I come home and my wife and kids are excited to tell me about their days. I enjoy the abundance when I go to work at EasyWorship and it feels like I’m with my own brothers. God has blessed me in many areas and I know he’s not done.

EasyWorship is a place where that abundant life continues because we are dedicated to a purpose that’s more than just dollars and cents. Our goal is to provide the church with resources that allow for worship without distraction, and now we want to start letting you in on our ideas, projects, and conversations that ultimately create those resources. It’s time to open the door so you can get to know us and have input. We feel like your motivations are the same as ours, so maybe it’s time to put our heads together.

You can expect to hear just about anything from me so I can’t really narrow the topic list down for you, but I hope you’re ready to talk...


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