Hi, my name is Jason

  • Stuff about me:

    Tech junkie, culture nerd, a/v volunteer, church experience designer, guitarist
  • OT shock and awe:

    Judges 15:15-16 — Samson + donkey jawbone - 1,000 Philistines = Old Testament awesomeness.

As the designer here at EasyWorship, I’m blessed to work with UI, user experience, websites, icons, ads, packaging, strategy, and more. Teamwise, I sorta sit in the middle, helping the development group with EasyWorship products and helping the communications group get the word out. The fact that our products help local churches around the world is an incredible honor and is quite humbling.

Before joining the team, my experience was mostly in the secular agency world, in the areas of Marketing/Advertising & Interactive Experience. For over 12 years I’ve helped a variety of clients, from small startups to nationally recognized brands. However, my focus now is to help churches worldwide present the ultimate message in the most engaging way possible.

I'll be blogging mostly about design-related topics (UI, icons, etc.), showing more of the process and rationale behind our design choices and helping to involve you the reader in a way that you might not experience elsewhere. We've got some awesome things planned over the next year, so be sure to check us out.


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