Hi, my name is Jerod

  • A Helping Hand:

    I truly enjoy helping local churches with creative ideas, marketing designs and technical support.
  • Beyond EasyWorship:

    Between my Muay Thai classes and the baseball, soccer, basketball and mixed martial arts classes for our two boys, my beautiful wife and I live pretty active lives. In the “down time” an addiction to technology keeps me constantly reading about anything exciting or up-and-coming in the tech world.

In 2000 I joined my church’s technical team, which happened to be using EasyWorship. The following year I attended the Fellowship Church C3 Conference and was exposed to the impact that cutting-edge design and media technology could have in the church. While programming at work during the day I began to dabble in Photoshop, designing marketing flyers and weekly series collateral. It was then that I realized my love for creative expression in design and presentation.

After working as a lead developer and technical lead for a consulting company, I joined EasyWorship in early 2005 to help with branding and development. With Jason joining the team in 2007 to oversee design, I’ve been able to focus solely on product development, specifically the Mac version. Throughout my years here, the talent of this team has grown tremendously. I believe each department has the best out there when it comes to expertise and ability to produce products at any level.

On the blog I'll be focusing primarily on UI design, core EasyWorship frameworks and the development of a Mac version. I'm looking forward to sharing some exciting new things in the weeks and months to come!


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