Hi, my name is Juliana

  • About me:

    Originally from Los Angeles, I now live in Tulsa where I met and married my amazing husband. We have a Persian cat and ride a Honda Shadow 750.
  • Favorite OT Prophet:

    Hosea. He’s a good Christian man who marries a prositute because God tells him to. And he constantly pursues her when she keeps leaving him. What a perfect picture of God’s covenant love for us. No matter how “bad” we think we are, he still wants us.

Growing up around churches and ministries of all kinds, I have observed how many spiritual orphans are walking through the church doors every day. Unfortunately, some may still leave without being adopted. Just like orphans, spiritual orphans don’t know who to trust. They’ve lost hope. I know because I was there once, and I know how important it is to have a family. And even more importantly, to be accepted and active in God’s family.

Now, I get to help churches and other organizations reach out and adopt those who are orphans like I used to be. This is why I’m such a big advocate for high-quality media in the church arena. Whether it’s just one person with a guitar or three screens behind a full worship band, I believe that when we represent God’s family with excellence it will attract the orphans back home.


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