Hi, my name is Ben

  • Church Involvement:

    Worship leader, former youth and small groups pastor, Bible teacher, church planter
  • Favorite Old Testament Smackdown:

    Nehemiah 13:25 — (paraphrase) “I rebuked them, cussed them out, beat the men and pulled out their hair, then made them promise not to let their kids intermarry with sinners.” Ahhh, gotta love those crusty OT prophets!

I love the fact that I get to kiss my family goodbye every morning and show up to work with a team of people who get it. For my part, I focus on anything that needs to be written, both internally (from documentation to phone scripts) and externally (from magazine ads to web copy). Between meetings I stay pretty busy filling in any gaps and communicating between our different internal teams.

The one thing that excites me about experienceEasyWorship.com is the chance to spotlight some of the more creative and advanced ways EasyWorship can be used. I believe EasyWorship users will benefit from ideas that squeeze a little more mileage out of the product. And if you’re one who tends to avoid technology and stick to the basics, it’s my hope that with some creative ideas from our team and other experienced users, we can make the “advanced” stuff a little more approachable.


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