EasyWorship 2009 beta 3 – now available.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the Official Announcement regarding EasyWorship 2009.

What’s new in beta 3?

These enhancements and fixes only pertain to beta 3.  For a complete list of changes, see the Official Announcement.

  • Made it so Black, Clear, and Logo hotkeys are available anywhere in the main form
  • Added menu item in backgrounds to quickly delete invalid backgrounds
  • Added support for full PowerPoint preview in foldback
  • In the live and preview area, changed scroll wheel to scroll instead of select
  • Added time code display to the video preview playback window
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with tabbing in the main control going to controls that are not visible.
  • If PowerPoint is in the preview area and you use VJMode, PowerPoint goes live instead of new VJ item
  • When downloading from store, use filename instead of title for consistency with the other media items
  • Profile forces schedule close.  Only do this if they switch profiles.
  • Fixed bug with foldback options not always saving correctly
  • Fix dropdown arrow width in Window 7.  Could be a Windows 7 bug but I worked around it for now.
  • Fixed issue with empty Internet Explorer popping up if you compare songs in check for schedule changes
  • Fixed issue with foldback song font looking incorrect
  • Fixed issue with changing background in FoldBack, with Preview Live, does not affect live output
  • Fixed custom colors not getting loaded in Foldback options
  • Fixed issue with dropping down color combo and it causing options window to scroll up to the top
  • Increased the size of some labels in options that were getting clipped in Vista and Windows 7
  • Changed the way store, songselect, and web pages initializes that could cause EasyWorship to lockup until internet times out
  • Fixed the tab order on various screens
  • Added a title and clear list button to the store history tab
  • Fixed issue where you could not close the properties windows if you right clicked in the browser and selected properties
  • Fixed issue with first slide of foldback not initially appearing correctly
  • Fixed issue where background video does not startup when you first start EasyWorship and then flickers when you initially go live.
  • Fixed bug with scrollbars not showing up right when switching between icon and list view
  • Fixed issue with the screen creeping up when taskbar is on top
  • Fixed exception that occurs when you right click on an empty schedule

Download the Beta


Though we have worked out most of the bugs, there are a few cosmetic issues that we are aware of and will be fixing soon.  Also, this release has all the features that the final EasyWorship 2009 build will include, so if you don’t see it in the Beta, it won’t be in the final release.

The 2009 Beta will create a new application folder leaving your existing EasyWorship install intact. When the 2009 Beta application is run it will update your database, so make a backup copy of your data if you wish to keep it unmodified.  You can also copy your database to a new profile.  If you go back to the old version, it should convert your data back to the old version.  You will not be able to open 2009 schedules in older versions of EasyWorship, but older schedules (pre-2009) should open fine in this version.

Please keep in mind that in this beta, older  EasyWorship 2007 serial numbers will no longer work.  Our plan is to start sending out an email to customers who have purchased in the year 2009, new serial numbers for EasyWorship and any bibles they own.  Also the store should be ready soon to accept upgrade purchases and any new purchases will generate the new serial number.

Please post any issues or feedback you have in our 2009 Beta forum…

You can download the installer here…

Have fun :)

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