“Live In Me” by onetimeblind

I’m a big fan of onetimeblind, but their latest video Live In Me just pushed them over the top. In general, I feel like their stuff is a slap in the face with a velvet glove. This particular video challenges the tendency to think we have to be a different person in front of Jesus, as if he doesn’t know who we are all the time. Or even the idea that we can be “in front” of Jesus at all, when he actually lives inside of us. For me, it begs the question, “Am I really being the real me with God all the time?”

Live In Me is a great small group discussion opener or a sermon illustration for topics like worship, prayer or Christian living. Click in the player below to watch the entire video or click here to view it in the EasyWorship store.

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  • Jason says...

    Awesome. Powerful mix of humor and relevance (praisalujah).

    comment added June 1, 2009 @ 12:46 pm

  • Sprite says...

    This video is particularly relevant to me because I just graduated from Bible training school in Tulsa, where everyone spoke the typical ‘Christianese’. Now, back home in Seattle I want to relate to Jesus on more personal level; to be able to speak to and about Him without using hallelujah, and shekinah glory ~ hoping to impress with my religiosity. Certainly it doesn’t impress Jesus.

    comment added June 1, 2009 @ 4:09 pm