What’s Your Mission?

“Deon” – Produced by Deidox

So what’s your mission field?  Who are the people in need that make you look twice before you keep on walking?  It’s about being more than a church-goer, a tither, a member of the PTA or a good employee.  Deon’s story shows the best of what we can be when we chase after Jesus’ mission through us, which isn’t governed by a punch clock or a social agenda.  Deon should challenge us to get beyond personal comfort and safety and affect our world every day.

You’ll love this film for its production quality, the story, and the characters.  Don’t miss this one.  Watch “Deon” in the player below or click here to view it in the EasyWorship store.  Check out the whole series by Deidox at deidox.com.

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