“Mystery” by The Work of the People

The first time I saw Mystery was also my first time to hear the song by Charlie Hall. I was gripped immediately. The music and imagery together are powerful, both raw and elegant at the same time. It richly illustrates the pain of sin, the Father’s love, the cost of redemption and the awesomeness of the Kingdom. Visually, the producer weaves together a number of traditional concepts in a fresh, new way. Lyrically, the song is driven by Charlie’s repetition of Christ’s death, resurrection and coming. I think I’ve watched Mystery at least 30 times since it was released a few months ago, and I still see something new each time I watch it. It’s a powerful illustration for corporate communion or a message on forgiveness, redemption or resurrection.

Mystery was produced by The Work of the People in cooperation with www.tobetold.info and www.mothlightcreative.com. Click in the player below to watch the entire video or click here to view it in the EasyWorship store.

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  • Jason says...

    Visually stunning. Shout outs due to Work of the People. Keep up the good work.

    comment added May 27, 2009 @ 5:21 pm