Youth Groups/Leaders Love EasyWorship at Shift

So EasyWorship is at Shift, the youth leaders conference hosted by Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, IL.  This place is buzzing with about 3000 youth leaders from the local community churches to churches as far away as Brazil, Australia, and the UK.  That’s some pretty amazing reach.  We’re excited to have been invited back for the second straight year.

I’ve been busy here interacting with as many people as I can, and I’d say the most common themes in conversation are 1) “We love EasyWorship .  We switched from (fill in the blank) and haven’t looked back.  It’s so easy and the kids love it.”, and 2) “When is the Mac version coming out.”  In the past we’ve given the latest on Mac development and gotten people revved up for the future of presentation software, but this year’s different.  This year the future is here and is just beginning to show.

If you haven’t been to our forums recently, our developers announced a 2009 version that has sprung from the development of the highly anticipated Mac/PC version.  It includes powerful and much requested features likefold-back (stage display/confidence monitor), new EasyWorship store integration, and an updated redesigned interface.  This product. the new download store, and the new website are really causing a stir.  One thing people know about EasyWorship is that whatever we do, we do it well.  Expectations have been high and from the sounds of it here at Shift, we’ve been hitting the mark.

Anyway, I’m here so if you’re reading this and are at the conference, come stop in and join the conversation.  Talk to you soon.

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  • Florencia Teisa says...

    Hola soy Florencia de una ciudad de Rosario, Provincia de Santa Fe, ARGENTINA. Queria saber si podian mandarme este programa que esta exelente para trabajar en mi iglesia. Muchas gracias

    comment added May 31, 2009 @ 9:31 am

  • Juliana says...

    Puedes enviar un email a orders@easyworship.com sobre su pregunta. Gracias!

    comment added June 1, 2009 @ 10:39 am

  • Michael says...

    We use Easyworship with our youth group as well. The software is fantastic! I am very excited to see an updated version of the software. However, is the an ETA for this 2009 version, and are us 2007 users going to need to purchase an upgrade?

    comment added June 7, 2009 @ 4:51 pm